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Nguyen Truong

People told him: "Your artwork is so colorful". In his opinion about painting, each color represented a human's factor: Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Black, White... When each color stood alone, it was clearly a difference, but when they was combined, it brought to us a colorful world. Only love could make that thing. Without love, mankind couldn't make the best things to themselves.

Nguyen Truong was born in Hanoi, North Vietnam in 1977 and had a childhood with friends and family in his countryside. Through phases in his life, he had been fascinated by art. The interesting was cultivated and further developed when he opted to take his Bachelors Degree on Art in National University of Arts Educations. D&C Art Gallery discovered his talent and his works were quickly collected and presented by D&C.

In learning time, Nguyen Truong went to Ha Giang for doing exercise in two months. And this time, his love to ethnic people was bloomed. After graduation, Nguyen Truong decided to create artworks about ethnic people in oil on canvas as his main stream. He delved even more into skills, also people, uniforms, culture of them. Besides, he also created some artworks about his childhood – countryside with buffalo, paddy field, bamboos. And ancient streets in Hanoi – his current living place.

Nguyen Truong chose for himself a different way, it's about "Love". He wanted to show people see things around how much good and lovely. A smile could make a good thing, a crybaby could make a love...


Nguyen Truong

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