So sánh sản phẩm

"The Basic philosophy of my art is bringing the huge
Power or energy from nature or daily life.
My abstract does not come from the direct practice of
Abstract on canvas, I explore my own abstract without giving up what I see in front of me."

In most recent years, Van The has dedicated his focus to Hanoi Old Quarter. The expressiveness of Hanoi Old Quarter -- its brilliant culture, vast history, and even the very streets of the metropolis -- has continued to inform his work as he develops his artistic voice. Van The’s ultimate goal is to transform the scenes of daily life into a kind of visual poetry through his technical mastery of breaking down color and light. That visual poetry is the basis of a new kind of art form which Van The hopes to create and convey, influenced by Vietnamese calligraphy and the bold brushstrokes of Expressionism.
Van The remains active in the art scene, showcasing his work at various art galleries including D&C Art Gallery.


Van The

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